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Customer Comments

Szostak Family, NJ (Guided Tour Fort Lauderdale to Miami - May 30)
"We did not want to drive from the Marriott Harbor Beach in Fort Lauderdale to Miami and we were really glad we had the Swim with Dolphin Fort Lauderdale Pick Up service offered to us. The concierge at the Marriott recommended this service. We have a had a great day and the driver even stopped at Checkers Fast Food Restaurant for us, which was special for the kids. "

Marriott Harbor Beach Tour Dolphin Swim

Caitlyn, Taylor, and Catherine, Ontario, Canada (Guided Tour Naples to Miami - April 26)
"What a day we had as a family. We had so much fun with the Naples Dolphin Swim Tour. We come to Naples every Spring season and always wanted to do this and finally had a chance this year. "

naples dolphin swim tours customers

Helen and Barry, Brooklyn, NY (Guided Tour Ft Lauderdale to Miami - April 19)
"My husband always wanted do this and the Fort Lauderdale Dolphin Swim Tour was perfect because we don't like to drive. The van picked us up from the Courtyard by Marriott Fort Lauderdale and brought us to Miami, safe and sound. We had a great day! "

swimming with dolphins tour fort lauderdale florida

Natalie, Jane, and Tom, Shorewood, MN (Guided Tour Naples to Miami - April 5)
"The experience we had in Miami was way better than our experience in Sea World Orlando. The time with the dolphin was amazing and we really enjoyed the shows. The swimming with the dolphins Naples tour was a great day for all of us, me, my daughter, and my granddaughter. "

swimming with dolphins tour naples florida

The Smith Family, England (Guided Tour Ocean Sky Hotel Fort Lauderdale to Miami - October 20)
"We had a great time with the dolphins. It was always our dream to see the Miami Dolphin Football team play and to swim with them. We did both on this vacation. We even received a free video of our dolphin swim because we booked out tour early."

Ocean Sky Resort Fort Lauderdale Swim with Dolphins Tour

Heather and Lisa , Grassy Creek, NC (Guided Tour West Palm Beach to Miami - September 17)
"My father wanted to give me a special present and he did by purchasing this swim with the dolphin West Palm Beach Tour. My best friend Lisa, who lived in West Palm, went with me. We had a fun and exciting girls day out together. A day we both will remember for a long time."

West Palm Beach Swim with Dolphins Tour

Claudia and Hideki , Arlington, VA (Marriott Harbor Beach Fort Lauderdale to Miami - September 7)
"This was a last minute, labor day trip. I have always loved dolphins and this was a dream come true for me and Claudia. This swim with the dolphins tour from Fort Lauderdale was perfect because we got picked up at the hotel and everything was taken care of. We had a great day. "

Marriott Harbor Beach Fort Lauderdale Dolphin Swim Tour

Danny, Karen and Family , Danville, IL (Guided Tour Naples to Miami - June 24)
"I have to tell you what an awesome experience my family and I had with Dolphin World.  From pick up to delivery and the park.  Awesome.  I have a very high expectation of customer service and John our driver went over and beyond and everyone at the park was great to us.  The shows our swim with the dolphins WOW.   John was awesome.  He was patient and kind and showed us the sites on the drive and we talked and visited. When we arrived to the park he showed us around and ensured we knew exactly what to do.   He offered drinks and snacks and helped us in and out of the van even when we told him he did not have to do all of that.  You have one A plus employee there.  You were also awesome to deal with your follow up and working with me to ensure this was a family memory we will treasure forever if priceless to my husband and I.  Our children had the time of their life.     I am not sure who the "big boss" is but my request is that you pass this on.  Both you and John deserve a big praise !!!!!"

Naples - Bonita Beach Swim with the Dolphins

Amanda and Lori , Port Jefferson, NY (Guided Tour Sheraton Yankee Clipper Fort Lauderdale to Miami - March 26)
"My daughter almost lost her life last year in a major car accident and God spared her life. She was in the hospital over 2 months and now she is swimming with the dolphins. We are so joyous to have this occasion together. Money is so tight right now but this is worth it because you can not take the money with when you are gone."

sheraton yankee clipper fort lauderdale hotel excursion swim with dolphins

The Weber Family, Germany (Guided Tour - Miami)
"The whole family had a great time on the Tour and Swimming with the Dolphin program in Miami. We are definitely planning a trip to swim with the dolphins again, maybe in Cancun, Mexico."

Dolphin Tour to Swim with Dolphins Miami

David & JoAnne Ireland (Guided Tour - Pre Cruise Ship Miami to Miami - March 1)
"The day before I got engaged with Joanne. So this was a special day for us to celebrate our engagement, a dolphin tour, then off to a 7 days cruise through the Caribbean. "

Pre Cruise Ship Tour Miami Engagement Diamond Ring Dolphin Swim

Susanne & Kimi Denmark (Guided Tour - Howard Johnson Plaza Dezerland Beach & Spa to Miami - February 28)
"We were in Miami for work and decided to extend our stay and have some fun. The Dolphin Swim tour was excellent. We really enjoyed Miami, so much to do, South Beach, and great weather. "

Howard Johnson Plaza Dezerland Beach & Spa

Pam, Grandma, and Daughter Edmonton, Canada (Guided Tour - Pre Cruise Ship Fort Lauderdale to Miami - February 20)
"We wanted to swim the dolphins on our cruise ship but our ship did not stop on a island where they could do this. We looked online and found Dolphin World and they picked us up the day before our cruise. We had a great day together swimming with the dolphins. "

Pre Cruise Ship Tour Fort Lauderdale Dolphin Swim

Christina and Mom, Calgary, Alberta Canada (Guided Tour - Princess Cruise Ship Fort Lauderdale to Miami - January 26)
"We had an amazing cruise with Princess Cruise Line out of Fort Lauderdale. We really enjoyed all the islands and especially Grand Cayman. We had a few days extra in Fort Lauderdale before returning to Canada and the dolphin encounter tour was a perfect way to end our vacation. "

princess cruise line fort lauderdale and dolphin swim tour

Madelein Family, Westchester, NY (Guided Tour - Four Points by Sheraton Miami Beach to Miami - January 20)
"It was a perfect way to celebrate my son's bar mitzvah and bring my son's cousins, uncle, and aunts for a memory they will never forget. We had a wonderful day together and the driver was so nice to us. "

bar mitzvah dolphins swim

Kailey and Laurie , Ottawa Ontario, Canada (Guided Tour - Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort to Miami - January 14)
"It was a chance to get away from the snow of Canada and surprise my daughter Kailey with something special. She always has loved dolphins and this was a great way for us to bond together as mother and daughter. We had a great day together, with the dolphins, at the park and all the shows, and the pick up service was a delight to have. "

Julie & Marnie , Green Bay, WI (Guided Tour - Jupiter FL to Miami - December 30)
"My daughter loves daughters. Her room is full of dolphin decorations. Since she has slight special needs, I needed to find a swim with the dolphins that was close to Tequesta FL and the Dolphin World pick up service was perfect for us. Marnie had a great day and she was treated wonderful by the staff in Miami. A day she will always remember. "

special needs with the dolphins

Tom & Debra, Corpus Christi, TX (Guided Tour - Miami Holiday Inn Hotel to Key Biscayne - December 20)
"My wife is about 90% Blind and has a slight handicap but she has lots of adventure inside of her. We needed a vacation and looked into a swim with the dolphins program that a blind person could participate. Miami seemed to be the perfect destination for this. Since she needed me to help her, we both enjoyed the Dolphins and the VIP Monkey tour."

blind person dolphin swim miami tour

John & Paul , San Francisco, CA (Guided Tour - Fort Lauderdale Grande Hotel & Yacht Club to Miami - December 17)
"We flew out for business and Paul has always wanted to Swim with the Dolphins. I checked out many companies on the internet and Dolphin World won my business. For a few dollars more, they were able to pick up Paul and I at the Fort Lauderdale Grande Hotel & Yacht Club and we had a great day in Miami with the Dolphins and all the shows. "

Fort Lauderdale Grande Hotel & Yacht Club

Fiorentino Family , Bristish Columbia, Canada (Guided Tour - Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort to Florida Keys - December 18)
"We wanted to take our 2 daughters and their family on a 10 days cruise in the Caribbean. We came into Ft. Lauderdale for a few extra days before the cruise and asked our travel agent to find us a swim with the dolphins program. Dolphin World was able to do this for our family of 9. We had great day in the Key Largo area and especially with the dolphins. We did not want to leave. "

Carter Family , United Kingdom (Guided Tour - Fort Lauderdale to Miami - October 21)
"Our girls always loved both Dolphins and Monkeys. So we looked online for both in the UK and found it with your company in an all in one package. The girls thought the 1 Day Dolphin Deluxe was brilliant. It was hard for them to pick which they enjoyed more, the swimming with dolphins or playing with monkeys."

Dolphins and Monkeys in Miami

Rob and Marion , Ronkonkoma NY (Guided Tour - Lauderdale by the Sea to Miami - September 6)
"Marion has always wanted to Swim with Dolphins for years. Well this year for her birthday, I surprised her with this trip to Florida to swim with the dolphins. She had a great day!! "

Lauderdale by the Sea to Miami Dolphin Swim Pick Up Service

Alan and Lindsay , Scottland UK (Guided Tour - Hilton Hotel Miami - September 6)
"Since we came to Miami to go a Carnival Cruise, we knew that swimming with the dolphin was available in Miami. The Miami Dolphin Swim Pick Up service was exactly what we were looking for because we were not going to have a car. The dolphin swim was a dream come true for both of us. "

Hilton Hotel Miami Dolphin Swim Pick Up Service

Jessica and Frank , New York NY (Guided Tour - South Beach, Miami - September 3)
"We came to Miami 4 years ago and could not get into the swim with the dolphins program because it was sold out. So we made sure were not going to miss it. We booked early and got the Dolphin tour experience we hoped for. "

South Beach Miami Pick Up Service

Price Family , Topeka KS (Guided Tour - Pompano Beach, Wyndham Sea Garden Hotel  to Miami - Aug 6)
"I wanted to take my grandchildren somewhere special and they wanted a dolphin experience. So I was able to make their dream come true and experience the dolphin encounter in Florida. It was great that I could fly down and not rent a car. Dolphin World did all the driving for me. "

Wyndam Sea Gardens Hotels Swim with Dolphins

Gonera Family , The Netherlands (Guided Tour - Miami RIU Hotel  to Miami - July 14)
"We traveled a long way to Florida and we saw a lot, Disney, Orlando, the Everglades but this day topped it off for me and my children. They loved swimming with the dolphins in Miami. The transportation service was really helpful too! "

family from the Netherlands swimming with the dolphins

Rindahl Family , Salem WI (Guided Tour - Ft Lauderdale  to Miami - July 14)
"It was such a thrill to take my mother who is 80 years old to swim with the dolphins in Miami. It was dream come true for me and my daughters to take her and do it together as a family. "

grandmother swimming with the dolphins

Wright Family , Aledo, TX (Guided Tour - Ft. Lauderdale Beachcomber Hotel  to Miami - June 14)
" The Dolphin World experience was one we will never forget.  My wife swam with the dolphins in the deep water experience and I went as an observer.  I am so glad I went as an observer because I got to take tons of pictures and video of my wife having the best time of her life.  It was such a joy to see her so happy enjoying one of God's beautiful creations.  Our experience was interrupted by a 15 min rain; however, we got to spend a little more time with the dolphins because we got out and in the water.  The dolphin swim in Miami was very fun and there was plenty to do.  There were shows back to back all day long!!  It was def. one of the best days we have ever had on a vacation. "

Beachcomber Hotel pick up dolphin swim

Rennie Family , Scottland (Guided Tour - South Beach Miami  to Miami - July 3)
"My daughter had asked about swimming with the dolphins. So we decided to make a holiday out of it and make her dream come true, to swim with the dolphins. We searched on the internet and decided Miami would be a great place to do this. We had a lovely time with the day and the tour. "

dolphin swim in Florida

Rice Family , Massachusetts (Guided Tour - Ft. Lauderdale  to Miami - June 17)
"We had a chance to take our son, who is entering the Coast Guard Academy this fall and our 10 year old daughter to swim with the dolphins in Florida. Both had a great time and chance to bond one more time before my son is off to college. We had a great time as a family. "

dolphin swim in Florida

Jeff Buffington & Family , Nebraska (Guided Tour -Ft. Lauderdale  to Miami - June 3)
"My three girls, 8, 14, and 18 years old, always wanted to be with the dolphins. Since my oldest to going to college this year, this was a great excuse to go on vacation. We stayed at the at the Marriott Hotel in Hollywood and was picked up for the Dolphin Encounter Tour to Miami. We all had a great time together."

dolphin swim Marriot Hotel Hollywood

Taku Ishida and Friends , Japan (Guided Tour -Ft. Lauderdale  to Key Lauderdale Area - June 1)
"I am a tour guide from Japan and needed a company that would help me plan and implement our dolphin swim and dolphin encounter in the Florida Keys. Dolphin World / Keys Adventure Tours was able to do this and my clients were super happy, as you can see from the photo"

dolphin swimming with Japanese Tourist

Hellem Family, NJ (Guided Tour -Hollywood to Miami - December 28)
"We were able to reserve the Dolphin Encounter Tour at the last minute. We goggled the information at the Hard Rock hotel in Hollywood FL and called Dolphin World from the number from the website. 7 of us were able to go and enjoy the dolphins plus get the transportation service we needed for our group. We had a great time being picked up from our hotel and brought to Miami to be with the dolphins!"<More Photos>

Dolphin Tour to Swim with Dolphins Miami

Palmer Family, London, UK (Guided Tour - South Beach to Miami - December 15)
"This day was even better than I thought. We did a Dolphin Program in Orlando and this was even better than Orlando. Orlando is more polished but in Miami we really got to interact with the dolphins. It was wonderful.!!!"<More Photos>

Dolphin Tour to Swim with Dolphins Miami

Tommy and Kat,, Redford, MI (Guided Tour - Ft. Lauderdale to Key Largo)
"I was in Fort Lauderdale and called my girlfriend to fly down to experience the Swim with the Dolphins program in Key Largo. It was better than I expected with the dolphins and the tour!!"<More Photos>

Dolphin Tour to Swim with Dolphins Ft. Lauderdale key largo

The Gray Family, Grandmother and Grandson, Yakima, WA (Guided Tour - Florida Keys)
"I always take 1 of my 16 grandchildren on a special trip and this year I was coming to Ft. Lauderdale with my grandson, the Swim with the Dolphins Tour was just perfect for him and I. Since we did not have a car, the tour picked us up at the Embassy Suites in Fort Lauderdale and brought us to Islamorada My grandson had a great time at the facility, all the shows and especially the Swim with Dolphin program!"<More Photos>

Dolphin Tour to Swim with Dolphins Miami

The Wild Sisters,, Bloomfield, CT (Guided Tour - Miami)
"I swam with the dolphins in Orlando and wanted to take my sister to experience this. My sister does not travel much and this was a special experience to Swim with the Dolphins together. It was a time we will never forget."<More Photos>

Dolphin Tour to Swim with Dolphins Miami

The Hard Rock Hotel Staff, Hollywood, FL (Guided Tour - Miami)
"We had a fun and exciting time with the Tour and the Dolphin WADE program in Miami. I know our guest will love this tour because many of them don't want to drive to Miami or don't have transportation. This tour is great and we will recommend it to all our guests!"

Dolphin Tour to Swim with Dolphins Miami

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