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December 19, 2008The VIP Land animal Dolphin Tour
Dolphins and VIP Tour in Miami Here at Dolphin World there are many different packages and adventures to suit pallets of all ages and sizes from the very young to the more mature, however to say you have experienced the best of what dolphin world has to offer without trying our VIP land animal tour would be a great understatement. With an unbelievable array of animals from Orangutans, lemurs and penguins, to McCaws, parrots, Iguanas and even Pythons , here at dolphin world we’ve got it all. If you have ever tried our dolphin experiences you know your in for a treat, and don’t worry, on your way there, you can have an ice cold beverage and snacks and sit back and relax as our personal chauffeur takes you to your destination, in a calm, tranquil, yet endlessly exciting manner.... READ MORE!

December 19, 2008Swim with the Dolphins Nassau Bahamas and More!
Dolphin and Sea Lion Combo Nassau Bahamas We needed a quick get-a-way for a weekend. My wife wanted someplace warm and with beautiful blue ocean waters. What better place than Nassau Bahamas. With a few clicks of my computer mouse, I was able to book my flight and Hotel at the Nassau Sheraton Cable Beach. Then we needed activities we both would enjoy too. Nassau is famous for the Blue Lagoon, a private Island where you can swim with Dolphins, have a Sea Lion encounter, and relax on a private beach. We booked the Dolphin / Sea Lion Combo activity online with and we were set for a fun and romantic mini weekend vacation.... READ MORE!

November 17, 2008Dolphins and More in Puerto Plata
Swimming with the dolphins puerto plata dominican republic Ocean World is a world-class attraction in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic. Since I love animals and have heard of this place for years, it was time to find out for myself what they had to offer and would I enjoy myself for a whole day as they offer? Staying in Sun Village up the street from Ocean World, it was a convenient location because it was not far from the park. I had bought my tickets online at and knew the park had many different activities, from Animal Shows, Marine Animal Encounter, and a Las Vegas Night Time Dinner show.... READ MORE!

November 7, 2008Scuba Diving with a Dolphin in the Dominican Republic
scuba diving with dolphins For many years I have scuba dived and always wondered if I would ever see a dolphin while under the water. It has never happened. So the only way to really accomplish this is by going to Puerto Plata Dominican Republic to Scuba Dive with the Dolphin in a contained facility. I was more than happy to experience the dolphins this way and pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed having the instructors explain and assist with this mini adventure, loved interacting with the different behaviors of the dolphins, and took great photos and memories home. . . .... READ MORE!

November 3, 2008Discovery Cove - Swimming with Dolphins in Orlando
discovery cove orlando Situated in the heart of Orlando, Discovery Cove is an exclusive, reservations-only, tropical retreat that offers extraordinary adventures through up-close encounters with exotic marine mammals, marine life and other animals. Just imagine, you can swim with the dolphins in middle of a huge city like Orlando. Also, you will be able to snorkel with coloful fish and rays, and-feed exotic birds and relax on printine, white sand beaches. Besides the beauty, you will be pampered the whole day too with personalized service and first class amenities. . .... READ MORE!

October 22, 2008Swimming with Dolphins Ocho Rios Jamaica
Dolphin Kiss in Ocho Rios Jamaica Only a short drive away from the Sunset Jamaican Grand Beach resort, The Dolphin cove in Ocho Rios offers a wide variety of activities including the initial tour of the Facility, the dolphin swim, boat ride, mini jungle adventure, the sting ray experience, and much more. From the hotel we arrived in minutes to the facility, where we were greeted by a kind and warm staff, our tour guide took us through the facility and showed us where each of the features would take place, and showed us the countless gift shops, restaurants and beverage stands that were on the way, if we needed refreshments or got a little hungry. By the end of the tour we were fully acquainted with the facility and felt more at ease, and were ready for the main event, swimming with the dolphins in Ocho Rios Jamaica. .... READ MORE!

October 8, 2008The Diets of Wild Dolphins
dolphins diet The methods that these dolphins use to hunt for their food are astounding and simply ingenious. There are many different types of methods such as, herding, whacking, stunning, corralling, and foraging. We will go in depth and analyze each of these tactics because each is used in a different circumstance and ultimately a different situation. Method one, also known as herding, is one of the most common used by the basic dolphin, dolphins ally themselves with one another for the common good, and surround a of school of fish, and then take turns swimming through the densely packed school and eating their fill, until they are all filled, or will find another and repeat the process. .... READ MORE!

September 5, 2008Differences of Dolphins and Porpoises
Dolphins vs PorpoiseThe vast similarities between dolphins and porpoises are astounding, to the naked and untrained eye, most common people would be unable to distinguish one from the other; this is generally because they are related. However there are three main differences between dolphins and porpoises, that is, porpoises are divided in to six species and sub species, while dolphins are divided into 40 different main types, the average dolphin is generally longer than the average porpoise, and the most obvious visible difference between the two groups is that porpoises have flattened, spade-shaped teeth.... READ MORE!

September 1, 2008Bahamas-Nassau/Paradise Island
Nassau - Paradise Island BahamasAhhhhhh, the Bahamas! Who doesn’t fantasize about the clear waters of the Caribbean, punctuated with steel drums and a symphony of color? It was the frostbite of winter, when the California rains had soaked our spirits, and SAAD moods prevailed. We decided that traveling was a better choice over another visit to the therapist. We made the right decision!... READ MORE!

August 31, 2008Do You Want to Swim with the Dolphins?
Swim with DolphinsAre you looking for an adventure? Looking for an escape from the every day grind? Looking for a unique experience that can be passed down from generation to generation? Then ask your self, are you ready to swim with the dolphins? Find about the majesty and grace of these extremely versatile and intelligent sea creatures. Here you will find out the differences between the dolphin swim, encounter and wild dolphin experience, be prepared to be impressed as the facts of hundreds of satisfied customers prepares an image for you that will make the experience seem truly magical.... READ MORE!

September 29, 2008The Ocho Rios Dolphin Experience at Dolphin Cove
Swim with Dolphins JamaicaThe Island of Jamaica, if Paradise were confined to an island, if beauty and Nature had a true home, this would surely be the place. Never will you behold a place like Jamaica, the lush grass, and continuous green pastures that stretch for miles on end. The trees and ferns that grows so tall that their limbs seem to stretch and reach for each other without end. The endless little shops on the side of the roads, all marketing these exotic and very foreign type of merchandise. But most notably, are the people, the islanders of this tiny paradise, so warm and friendly, and always trying to offer a helping hand. Life in this world is much different from the life we know here in America. Everything here is a rush, a rush to go to work, a rush to get your job done, a rush to get home, a rush to watch you favorite movie, a rush to make it to dinner with family. But in Jamaica there is no rush. Everything is calm, and slow paced, as the light rays of the Jamaican sun reach your body, you feel a calm and a sensation that lets you know your on vacation, that lets you know there is no need to rush, only to have fun and be happy. ... READ MORE!

September 27, 2008Dolphin Gifts Make a Splash
Dolphin GiftsCertain things nearly every woman loves – dolphins, and shopping. The first thought that comes to mind when I click on Dolphin World Retail Store is, “I’ll take one of everything, please.” And then I think, “Oh, yeah, I should probably get something for someone else.”... READ MORE!

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