Florida Keys Dolphins and Snorkeling in One Day Information

The Florida Keys is one of the few places where the weather and the conditions are perfect for swimming with the dolphins and snorkeling on the coral reef in the same day. The dolphin swim is done in an all natural salt water lagoon where the dolphins get to roam and swim in large and open spaces. So they will be ready to have fun with you for 30 minutes where you actually get into the water with them to play, swim and perform many behaviors together.

Down the road from the dolphin facility is John Pennekamp Coral Reef. When you visit this coral reef sanctuary, you will be visiting America’s first underwater preserve. The live coral reef and abundance of sea life is truly breathtaking and unique. When you ride in the boat with the glass bottom, you can see the coral reef up close and admire its beauty. Also, the Florida Keys is one of the few places where you have Dolphins and Snorkeling in one place.

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See Why Dolphins and Snorkeling are So Special

Dolphins and Snorkeling in One Day

Many visitors want to snorkel and swim with the dolphins while in the Florida Keys, well, you can do this

with Dolphin World. We offer the 1 Day Dolphin Swim Mini Workshop where you can do both fun filled activities. It will be a full day where half of the day you will get the 30 minute dolphin swim in Islamorada. During your 30 minutes, you will get to know your bottlenose dolphin where you get to pet, play and swim with them in deep water. This experience will let you snorkel and free swim with the dolphins in an all natural salt water lagoon. Included in your day, you will take a boat trip to snorkel in Key Largo’s John Pennekamp Coral Reef park, which this story is mostly about. Your highly trained boat captain will take you and your family to the best spots of the reef to explore all the wonder s of the colorful tropical fish and coral structures.

Attractions of the Greenery and Animal Life

When you visit the marine sanctuary you will get to explore the nature trails with the

lush greenery, walk the beautiful sandy beaches, and admire and learn about the abundant wild life that inhabit the state park. The beautiful blue water gives you the perfect window to view the fish and coral reef in its natural habitat.

You can snorkel with the fish and get up close and personal with the only live coral reef in America along with all the beautiful fish. There is a rainbow of life under the water waiting for you to explore it. The beauty and peace felt when faced with such a unique and majestic sight is truly unlike anything you will ever experience. There is the beauty and peace felt when in paradise and then there’s the beauty and peace you feel when in a totally different world, away from the world and sound of land life.

1 Day Dolphin Swim Workshop – Get More Info >>>

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