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Important advice to dolphin lovers: book early…there are a lot of you out there!

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Pricing and availability

Dolphin Swim Participant & Round Trip Van Transportation - (5 years old +) Anyone 5 - 7 years old must have a paid adult participant. Minimum of 2 participants needed per tour <More...> $329
Adult & Child Observer & Round Trip Van Transportation (2 years old and youger are Free) $129
An educational and entertaining swim with the dolphins program which takes places in a natural salt water lagoon. Also, You will be picked up from any hotel or any residence in Key West and brought to Islamorda for your swimming with the dolphins program. A fun day of Florida Keys fun!
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Immerse yourself in the Dolphin Swim program. With this exclusive activity, you’ll have a chance to swim with dolphins and see some marine animal shows that will put a smile on anyone's face. Don your swimming gear and frolic under the crystal clear waters and be with the bottlenose dolphins and all their aquatic friends. Relax and take time to enjoy all the wonders that the Florida Keys has to offer you.


  • Professional Driver and Round Trip Transportation from Key West to Islamorada. About 1 1/2 to 2 hours trip each way.
  • A 15-20 minute educational presentation prior to entering the water with the dolphins and the coral reef.
  • A 30 minute deep water experience in the Upper Keys (Islamorada) including touching, feeding and training with a dolphin. You’ll also swim into deeper water for more interactions and even have the chance to get a dolphin ride across the pool, toe push, belly ride or free swim with the dolphin(s).
  • Personal photo opportunities with a dolphin.
  • A wetsuit and life jackets can be provided for use during the dolphin and snorkel session. 
  • Guests should bring their own bathing suits and towels.
  • Lockers, Showers, and Changing rooms available.
  • Each Dolphin session is unique, based upon the guests and dolphins.
  • Observer gets to watch the dolphin interaction, shows, and snorkel trip to the coral reef.
  • All Participants must be 5 years old and up
  • Anyone within 5 - 7 years old, must have a paid Adult participant
  • Must be able to understand directions given in English or have a paid family member or friend in the water to translate. 
  • 10 participants maximum and 2 participants minimum per van trip.

The Dolphin Facility on Islamorada in the Upper Florida Keys. You will get a email ticket with your pick up time from Key West.

Driving Times: These times are approximate

  • Key West to Islamorada - 2 hours

Online Discounts

Save Money and make your reservation online. In order to get any of these discounts, you must type the Online Discount Promotional Code in the comment box of the reservation form. After picking the amount of participants/observers, date of travel, and time of program, you will be taken to the reservation form to start your dolphin adventure. This is where the promotional code needs to be written in the comment box. Without this written code, you will not get the promotional discount. The discount provided is only for the participants, NOT observers (Except the Group Discount). These online promotions can not be combined with any previous orders or discounts. These discounts are for online orders only and the discounts will NOT be offered or honored over the phone with a Dolphin World representative.

Dolphin World Online Promotions:

  • Make your reservation more than 8 days or more in advance get 2.5% off each person. CODE: flakeysbookingspecial
  • BONUS: Make your reservation 30 days or more in advance, You will get the choice of a getting a FREE VIDEO or a FREE Dolphin Tee Shirt for each participant. Must Use this CODE: FREEONLINEGIFT.

Redemption instructions

Upon pick up, please present your driver your paperwork or your last name with your dolphin world confirmation number.

  • Advance confirmations are a must for entrance.
  • You do not need to have a printed voucher.
  • All customers/participants are required to sign liability waivers before participating in the activities.

Terms and conditions

Dolphin Swim & Van Service Pick Up:

  • All Participants must be 5 years old and up
  • Anyone within 5 - 7 years old, must have a paid Adult (parent or legal guardian) participant
  • Must be able to understand directions given in English or have a paid family member or friend in the water to translate. 
  • This program is not available to expectant mothers.
  • If the participating adult is not the parent or legal guardian of the child, then a Child Care Authorization form needs to be filled out.
  • Food is not included

Refunds / Cancellations and Changes:
All cancellations must be received by Dolphin World / Keys Adventure Tours, Inc. in writing by email or regular mail.

  • A 10% service charge will apply per person for any cancellations prior 31 days of activity date.
  • A 50% service charge will apply per person for any cancellations within 30 - 15 day period prior activity date.
  • A 75% service charge will apply per person for any cancellations within 14 - 8 day period prior activity date.
  • Prior 8 days of your reservation date, you may change your reservation to a gift certificate, where you would not incur any penalties except the change fee. This gift certificate will be good for 1 year from the date of the certificate.
  • NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN TO ANY ACTIVITY PARTICIPANTS who cancel within the 7 day period, does not show up, are late for scheduled program(s). Once a reservation has been made, a change to the scheduled program date is subject to availability. Changes made to existing reservations are subject to a $25.00 per person change fee.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THE PURCHASE OF TRIP INSURANCE, which will cover your purchase 100% for any interruptions to your Dolphin World activities! We recommend TravelEx Insurance. Ask a Dolphin World Travel professional for advice on Travel Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of van will pick us up in Key West ?
A 11 passenger 350 Ford Econoline which very comfortable with plenty of leg room for everyone.

Where will I be picked up in Key West?
You can be picked up from any hotel or residence. Please make sure when you fill out the reservation form, that you put exactly where you are staying, Name of Hotel, Address of Hotel or Residence, and Local contact phone number (if you have it). You will see a comment space on the reservation form where you can put this information.

Why do I need to have a minimum of 2 participants?
With the price of gas and driver cost, we can not pick up for only 1 participant. If you are a single person, you can contact us via email and ask if we have another group going on the day you wish to do this activity. If we have a group going on this day, then we can add you to this tour for that day. For groups of 2 or more, we need a minimum of 2 persons in your group to participate with the dolphin, after you have booked 2 participants, the rest of your group can be observers.

Am I booking a Van Service and being picked up in Key West?
Yes, you are booking a van service, which includes a professional driver and our 11 passenger van. If you don't want the driver or van service, you need to book the 1 Day Dolphin Swim Mini Workshop. <more...>

Can I drive myself to the Upper Keys for the Dolphin program?
Yes, we offer a 1 Day Dolphin Swim Mini Workshop where you can drive yourself. <more...>

Does your program go on Rain or Shine?
Yes, this program goes on Rain or Shine. The dolphin swim and shows, will go on most of the time. If there is thunder, there might be a delay before the program resumes again. If we cancel for any reason, you will get 100% refund. The only time the dolphin program will cancel is for extreme weather like a hurricane.

Must I know how to swim to participate?
You should be comfortable in the water. The dolphin swim takes place in a 15 to 20 foot deep lagoon.

What does it mean to be an Observer?
An Observer is a Participant's friend or family member. Observers participate in all aspects of the program minus the in-water interaction. During the interaction you can cheer on the Participants and take photos. The Observers stay in the stands and have no contact with the dolphins. The fee includes complimentary admission to the dolphin park, so you can see the rest of the shows and exhibits. Observers under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

What should I bring?
A bathing suit or swimming attire is required. You should bring a towel. You can rely on us to provide the following: Showers, lockers, wetsuits and booties. Wetsuits can be rented. All jewelry must be removed prior to entering the water.

What about taking photographs with the Dolphins during my session?
Yes, there are professional staff photographers taking photographs or video of you and your dolphin session. You can purchase these photographs after your session. Prices ranges from $40 and up, depending on how many photographs you purchase. You can not take a regular camera into the water with you during your dolphin session. If you do have a family or a friend come with you as an observer, they can take photographs of you during your session. Hint: If you don't have an observer in your group, you might ask another observer from another group to take a few photographs with your camera.

What kind of pools do the animals live in at the Dolphin facility?
The animals live in natural salt-water lagoons. The water is pumped in from the Atlantic Ocean.

How big is the lagoon?
The lagoon is three acres in size with an average depth of 15 to 20 feet. The rest of the property is about 17 acres in size and rich with tropical foliage and orchids.

Do you have a restaurant on the property?
A snack bar/grill is available and serves a variety of delicious foods at the dolphin facility.

Is food included with this tour?
No, food is not included but you will have a break at the dolphin facility to get something to eat.

Can I bring my own masks fins and snorkels?
Yes you can. Water shoes may be worn, but we do not provide these so bring your own.

Do we have to pay extra entrance fees or fees?
No. There are no extra entrance fees when you purchase this tour. However, there are some extra cost to consider, wetsuit rental $10 pp, lunch, photo purchase, and souvenirs.

Can handicapped individuals participate?
While this dolphin program does accept handicapped individuals, this program is not a Dolphin Therapy session. This program is primarily recreational. Those interested in a therapy program should consider other locations in the Florida Keys. Although accommodations for handicapped individuals can be arranged, they will not receive special treatments such as extended time or more interactions. If a handicapped individual is to participate, this circumstance will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The following questions will need to be addressed and may require prior management approval:

  • To what degree is the individual disabled?
  • Does the individual have full control of his/her body without required assistance?
  • Can the individual follow directions and understand English?
  • Can the individual stand on the in-water platform without the use of canes or braces?
  • Can the individual tread water/swim? If the individual cannot freely stand on the platform and must tread water to stay in place, an assistant will need to be in the water to help the individual stay on the platform. The assistant, he/she must pay the full regular price.
  • Is the individual capable of lifting his/her full weight out of the water? The facility does not have a ramp or crane available for assistance. In addition, no staff member will be permitted to or is capable of lifting anyone out of the water.

Can someone who is blind participate?
Yes, this individual must be accompanied in the water by a paid assistant. The assistant, he/she must pay the full regular price.

Are glasses/contacts permitted in the water?
Contact lenses can be worn. Prescription glasses with clear lenses will be permitted only if they are needed but they cannot be removed at anytime (including for pictures) during the session. We will provide a strap for glasses, which must be worn in order to keep them on securely. Glasses with dark lenses are not permitted unless the individual is sensitive to sunlight, in which case a doctor's letter will need to be necessary.