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Welcome to &, the provider of the best vacations in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. This newsletter contains interesting and fun information for you, your friends, and family. In this month's issue we've provided noteworthy information on pollution that is killing Dolphins, update on the stranded pilot whales in the Florida Keys, the latest tropical adventure story, our Kip the Dolphin cartoon of the month, and a how-to guide for placing a DolphinWorld banner on your website. 

Pollution is still a big problem as we see in the article below. As stewards of this planet, hopefully all of you take this issue still at heart. It's very difficult to do much on the corporate level, stopping major dumping, or sewage spills. But you can be responsible for what you can do, don't throw your cigarette butts in the ocean and on the beaches, dumping car oil in the sewages drains, putting pesticides where you think there might be run off to the ocean or rivers. Maybe you can once a year get involved with a local nature clean up, there are quit a few organizations out there that you can get involved with. Ocean Conservancy, they have a list of local ocean clean ups. Please don't be a complainer but a doer, and get and make a difference in your community.

About the stranded Pilot Whales, you have a chance to make your Florida vacation even more interesting if you are willing to spend a day and help these great Marine Mammals. The volunteers that have been involved with this program have an extreme love and passion for our marine mammals and they could use a break. So if you feel led to serve for a day, please call at the number at the bottom of the article and make a difference for these helpless creatures.

This month's is the last installment of Kip the Dolphin cartoon. I hope you like the animation series John Neyrot has produced. The decision has been made by him and I to put our energies in different directions right now. Hopefully, we will start up Kip again in the future, but Kip was a true champion of the sea and I wish Kip and John the best in their future endeavors.

The summer season, 2003 is upon us and I always have to remind everyone to make his or her plans early. The Dolphin World workshops are extremely popular and sell out quickly. There are still spaces for the Bimini Wild Dolphin encounter vacation. If you want a truly amazing vacation, consider trying this.

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Make it a great day!!

John McNamara

Ecclesiates 3:8

Deadly sea toxin kills California dolphins, seals

Pollution is killing the dolphins

Environmental News Network

LOS ANGELES  A naturally occurring but deadly toxin produced by sea algae is killing record numbers of dolphins and sea lions along sections of California's southern coast, the state's wildlife agency said recently.

The animals are being poisoned by domoic acid, a nerve toxin produced by a certain species of microscopic algae, said the California Department of Fish and Game.

The exact cause is a mystery, but scientists speculate that the algae may be thriving on nutrients from agricultural runoff or sewage, said Chamois Anderson, a spokeswoman for the department. Weather patterns could also play a role.

Since April, five dolphins and 148 California sea lions have been found stranded on beaches from Santa Barbara County south through Orange County.

All of the dolphins died and many of the sea lions, most of them large adult pregnant females, are being treated at marine mammal rehabilitation centers. Pelicans have also been taken to shelters for care, the state agency said.

Marine animals and seabirds can be poisoned by eating small fish that have ingested the toxin. Filter-feeding animals like mussels and small fish like sardines feed on the toxin-laced algae.

Last year, according to the California wildlife agency, more than 1,000 marine mammals were found stranded or dead on state beaches. Hundreds of seabirds, including endangered brown pelicans, grebes, and loons, were also affected by that outbreak.

Domoic acid can cause human illness or even death, and the California Department of Health Services warns each year not to eat self-harvested mussels or shellfish between May 1 and Oct. 31.

The health agency also advises Californians to eat only the white meat of sport-harvested, bivalve clams or scallops and said elevated levels of domoic acid have been detected in mussels, oysters, sardines, and anchovies from Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties. So far, there have been no reported cases of human poisoning from domoic acid in the state.

Officials said people should not try to help beached animals or birds because domoic acid poisoning can provoke aggressive behavior and the animals are too sick to go back in the water.

More on this story

The Associated Press

More volunteers needed to help whales stranded in Keys
By Brian Faso

Stranded Pilot Whales


Twenty-eight pilot whales stranded themselves in shallow water off the Florida Keys. The whales were stuck in two separate groups about five miles north of Big Pine Key, which is 30 miles north of Key West.

     About 50 rescuers are tending the surviving whales from the Coast Guard and other groups. Other survivors were moved into deeper water in hopes they would begin swimming on their own. Volunteers and veterinarians spending most of the day caring for the whales, leave the water at dusk, concerned about sharks. With some of the whales much sicker than others the volunteers must care for the whales like newborn babies. The stranded pods include adult males and females as well as calves. Some of the whales are as large as 17 feet long and weigh as much as several tons.

 Six of the whales were able to swim freely in deep water about 6 miles off of Big Pine Key. An estimated 120 to 200 rescue workers every weekend hydrate the remaining creatures.

 Pilot whales generally feed and travel in groups of five to 50 and are not considered endangered. At this point the researchers are still not sure why the whales stranded themselves off the Keys.

Volunteers Needed

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Wild spotted dolphins

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Here are some comments from the June 2003 Trip from Bimini. A great adventure for everyone.

still to speechless to detail our feelings about our trip too many memories over such a short time, every day something new comes back to us. it now all seems like a dream that just cant be detailed easily or perhaps like the memories of the morning after the night before when little things just keep exploding in your mind.
however can say that we had a fantastic time with terrific company and cant remember the last time i felt like a little child just before Christmas day, which was the feeling that overwhelmed me every time the cry of "DOLPHINS" was heard across the boat.
As for Tricia well what can i say, you both and in particular Christina have fulfilled both her biggest ambition and her deepest fear and for that we both will be eternally greatfull. We never believed that we would be snorkeling together never mind swimming with dolphins together for real. (and yes she was serious about great barrier reef !!)
The awesome emotional power of the dolphins certainly allowed her to overcome her fears and gave her a strength I don't think she even thought possible.

Tricia and Johnnie
London, England

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The Final Kip the Dolphin Animation!!
Thank you John Neyrot for all your hard work putting together this great animation series. Please enjoy this last animation (for now anyway).


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