7025-Dolphin Trainer of the Day – St Augustine

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BOOK HERE – Your Dolphin Trainer of the Day in St Augustine Beach includes the following:
A 5 hour instructional program where you will be aiding the dolphin crew, preparing meals, feeding the Animals, attending Animal Training, observing and tracking Dolphin behaviors, hands On dolphin encounter, special Trainer-For-A-Day Tank-Top, and CD photos  Plus, Immersion interactive session.  Guests should bring their own bathing suits & towels. Plus a 30 minute additional out of water dolphin interaction will be provided which will include the dolphin design program. These Dolphin Interactions may be with other participants.. (Approximately 5 hours program).  Age 13+

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One of the most exciting things to do in ones life is to discover what you want to do as a career. Maybe it does not have to be a full time career but a dream job or bucket list job. Well, in Saint Augustine you can spend time to see if this is the type of career want or think about. You can participate in a dolphin trainer of the day program. The St Augustine trainer of the day program get you up close and personal to with the trainers and these enchanting creatures. You get to learn about this career and spend time with the dolphins too,

Additional information

Dolphin Trainer of the Day

You have heard it said that being a dolphin trainer must be the coolest job in the world, and now you have the opportunity to find out first hand while participating in the Trainer-For-A-Day program. After your arrival, it’s time to get busy and have fun! While aiding the training crew, you will play a role in the activities that fill a marine mammal specialist’s day, such as preparing meals, feeding animals, attending an animal training lecture, observing and tracking program behaviors, creating enrichment devices for dolphins, assisting in record keeping, and most importantly, encountering dolphins!


The Marineland Park is on South St Augustine Beach, Florida. You will get complete ticket and directions either by email or text. You can not get lost.


Photos are included in this package.

General Information

Aiding Dolphin Crew, Preparing Meals, Feeding Animals, Attending Animal Training, Observing and Tracking Dolphin Behaviors, Hands On Dolphin Encounter, Special Trainer-For-A-Day Tank-Top, and CD Photos All Participants must be 13 years old and up. 1 participants maximum per Trainer for a Day. 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. (Approximately 5 hours – 60 minutes with dolphins). Lunch is provided. A wet suit & life vest are provided for use during the 30 minute in-water Dolphin Swim. Free Locker, Shower, and Changing rooms available. The facility is on the Beach and you have free access to the beach and the ocean. Parking is free.

Cancellation Policy

No Refunds or Changes or Cancellations within 7 Days of the Activity Date. Program goes on Rain or Shine. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.


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