801-Dolphin Swim Adventure/Odyssey – Miami

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BOOK HERE – Your Dolphin Swim Adventure/Odyssey in Miami/Key Biscayne – Includes:
kissdolphmiami30 Minutes in the water with the Dolphin where you will Pet, Kiss, Feed, Touch, and Learn about the Dolphins. You will get a ride from one end of the pool to the other. In addition with the swim, you get a 30 minute educational briefing, changing time & looking at photos, about 2 hours program time. Towels and Locker are provided at no cost. ALSO INCLUDED, Dolphin Shows, Sea Lion Show, and Marine Animal Exhibits – You can spend 4 – 5 hours in the park & dolphin program. Food and All Day Parking can be purchased at park.

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You can come face-to-face with an Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin. You will learn about these underwater mammals in an interactive class that teaches you the basics about dolphins and what is going to happen during your dolphin program. You can submerse yourself in the water as you interact with the Dolphins as you get to Hug, Kiss, Rub, Pet, and get up-close to the dolphins in this heart-warming program. Partake in an opportunity to be whisked away by a dolphin as it carries you across the pool and get to swim with the dolphins in deep water. After your dolphin adventure, spend the rest of the day exploring the many exhibits and presentations offered at the Seaquarium in Miami. Must be 52″/132cm tall to participant.

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Dolphin Swim

30 Minutes in the Waters, where you will Pet, Kiss, Feed, Touch, and Learn about the Dolphins. You will get a ride from one end of the pool to the other. All behaviors are up to the dolphins and done on their terms.


The Seaquarium is on Key Biscayne, Miami Florida. You will get complete ticket and directions either by email or text. You can not get lost.


If you have an observer in your group, they can take photos and videos of you during your dolphin program. Observer must stay in the observation area. There will be professional photographer taking photos (No Video) of you and your group with the dolphins. A Photo starts @ $45 and the deluxe package of 5 photos plus photo album and unlimited downloads of all your photos @ $138.